The Political Ferment across the Province is having Healthy Effects

I have posted a new page which contains an email message from Bill Smith, President of the P.C. Party of Alberta, to members.  Under Mr. Smith’s leadership the P.C. Party is, perhaps, becoming more open.  The message urges P.C. members to attend the upcoming party Policy Conference, and promises that members will see –their voices and views have been listened to.

Mr. Smith refers to his travels across the province, seeking input from members.  He promises some really exciting announcements at the upcoming Policy Conference.  Participants, he says, “will hear a lot about election readiness”, and, they “will have access to internal research that looks at the values important to Albertans as well as the Party brand and the Leader brand.

“Our engagement process with you has been so successful,” he goes on to say, “that we want you to have this research so that you can continue to provide us with ideas. Your input makes our party stronger and ensures that we continue to reflect the principles and aspirations we all have for our future. By working together, we will continue to build a strong team to win the next election.”

Aside from Mr. Smith’s election as President of the P.C. Party, such listening, and openness may also be the response of the P.C. Party to the energetic efforts by the Wild Rose Alliance Party Leader to get out and speak to Albertans, and the grassroots efforts by the Alberta Party to get out and listen to Albertans.

Any listening is good.  The best listening occurs when Party Presidents and Leaders arrive to listen without any pre-set agenda, when they let the people in the room set the agenda.  The best self-government occurs, not when people gather to be surprised by really exciting announcements but when people craft the decision and the program themselves, so that the culmination is not a surprise presented by others.


3 Responses to “The Political Ferment across the Province is having Healthy Effects”

  1. Esmé Comfort Says:

    No relation to Danielle Smith, I presume? 😉

  2. dkingofalberta Says:

    Esme, not as far as I know. (But I don’t know very far.)

  3. Fooled me once... Says:

    The PC Party makes the claim every time that the policy conference comes around that the voices of the membership will be listened too. This one will be no different.

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