Medvedev condemns Russian system

It is ironic that the Edmonton Journal printed an editorial on Friday (November 26th) approving of the Provincial Government’s decision to suspend M.L.A. Raj Sherman, and the editorial followed only one day after a story in the same Edmonton Journal on November 25th (B18), in which President Dmitry Medvedev admitted that Russia is a one-party state with no meaningful opposition, and complained that Russia’s political system showed dangerous signs of stagnation.

“At a certain point, our political life started showing signs of stagnation,” said Medvedev.   “This stagnation is equally damaging to both the ruling party and opposition forces.”

“If the opposition does not have the slightest chance of winning in a fair fight it degrades and becomes a marginal force. But if the ruling party has no chance of losing anywhere or ever it simply ‘bronzes over’ and eventually also degrades like any organism that does not move.”

Medvedev went on to say that the ruling United Russia party, which is led by Prime Minister Putin, should not be packed with “dummies and performers” or serve as a mere appendix to the executive branch of government.

Albertans need to ask ourselves about the depth of our understanding of, or commitment to, democracy, when the President of Russia can see the downside of syncophancy and over-reaching party control more clearly than our media and we ourselves can.



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